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18 Dec in News | Comments Off on Another satisfied client…..

Another satisfied client…..

Hi Gerri

Just wanted to say a huge thank you for yours & Paragon’s help during 2013. It’s been greatly appreciated and the help from the staff you have provided has been invaluable.

 Have a great Christmas!

 Simon Higgins
 Business Services Manager – Intelligent Office UK

13 Nov in Advice | Comments Off on Ways to prepare for an interview.

Ways to prepare for an interview.

Interviews can very extremely daunting, you’re never quite sure what to expect, what the person will be like who’s interviewing you, how many people you’ll have to see, will they be friendly? Will it be like an episode of the Apprentice? Unfortunately there’s no crystal ball but there are ways to get an advantage.

Below you’ll see a list of really common general questions that employers like to ask. Prepare your answers to these with our tips and you could be well on your way to impressing the socks off them. Go you!


“Where do you see yourself in five years?” Recruiters love this one; it gives them a real indication of your work ethic. Are you passionate about bettering yourself? Do you have goals? Although it’s important to sound enthusiastic, try not to make yourself sound like you’ll grow out of their company too quickly. Do your research into their business and fit your aspirations alongside what you think theirs might be.


“What would you say are your strengths and what are your weaknesses?” Firstly, they aren’t asking about your weaknesses to catch you out but probably to discover if you’d need any internal training. Be honest with this answer, but not too honest (so if you need 5 coffees to get going in the morning, have a habit of losing your temper if Southampton FC loses a match or you’ve never been any good at cooking, you can leave those out). Make sure you mention a weakness (maybe you need training on Excel) but focus on your strengths. If you’re great at managing your time, thrive in challenging situations, love problem solving, consider yourself a good leader – make sure you mention all of those! If this is your first job interview think about your skills in every day life – are you organised? Always on time or maybe your hobbies can be skills?


“Why do you want to work for our company?” Doing your research before turning up to an interview is key. Look at the companies website, their social media, search for local news stories on them and find out as much information as you can. If you read they have exciting plans for the future, you know their staff are happy and feel valued, that they’ve won a contract you’d love to be involved with, there are many different answers you can give, just try to make it sound inspiring.


“Tell us about yourself” A daunting question for any interviewee and often the one that makes you mind go blank. They want to know about your job history, aims for your career, a brief overview of any hobbies outside of work and some insight into your personality (friendly, team playing, confident, enjoy sales, interested in admin, great with technology, organised etc). Most importantly, say it with a smile.


“What salary are you looking for?” Of course you don’t want to undersell yourself but don’t over egg what you’re looking for either. Employers will always have a figure in mind of what they think you’re worth so be realistic. Look at what others of your age, experience and background are being paid and stick to something around that mark. You can always ask for a pay rise once you’re in!


Questions for them – They will ask if you have anything you’d like to know about. If you can pick up on things they’d mentioned in the interview to expand on it then great, it’ll show you took it all in. Maybe ask about holiday days, opportunities for training, how many are in the team you’d be joining; just make sure you ask at least something.

Always thank the employer for the opportunity to meet them, ask when you’re likely to hear the outcome and thank them for their time. Stride out with a smile and a whole lot of confidence!


Other top tips –

Eye contact is really important
Don’t fidget, take a few breaths if you start to get nervous
Listen intently
Sit up straight, don’t slouch
Don’t get over friendly
Never chew gum
Always shake their hand firmly before and after the interview
Be confident!

16 Oct in News | Comments Off on Paragons’ top tips for securing that job

Paragons’ top tips for securing that job

1. Check, check and check again – A biggy but an obvious one, the quality of your C.V. Always make sure you’ve checked it for errors and don’t forget an engaging cover letter too.

2. Do your homework – When going for an interview, make sure you’ve done your homework on the company. Find out all about their products, services and history, checked out their online presence and try to find out the names of relevant department heads (LinkedIn is a great one for this).

3. Look the part – First impressions count and never more than in a first interview. Pampering yourself a little before the big day will help you feel more confident too so book that hair cut, get those nails done, buy yourself a new tie and make it count!

4. The world is watching – If you’re on any kind of social media just remember it’s on the WorldWIDE Web for all to see. Eight out of ten prospective employers now research candidates online before making their decision. Don’t let them find anything to dismiss you.

5. Be ready – Think about the questions they are most likely to ask you. If you need help with this Paragons Personnel staff are more than happy to give you ideas. Practice your responses but remember, interviewers sometimes like to throw curve balls so be ready for anything.

More tips from Paragons Personnel coming soon!

06 Sep in News | Comments Off on Romsey Show

Romsey Show

Looking forward to  the Romsey Show this Saturday. Paragons are sponsoring the Dog Scurry which should be great fun.


07 Jul in News | Comments Off on Great Recommendation for Gerri Meade

Great Recommendation for Gerri Meade

Recommendation received on LinkedIn:

Steve Hills , IT Manager , Opal Telecom
was with another company when working with Gerri at Paragons Personnel

“I was looking for a new career challenge, having been made redundant, and got in touch with Gerri regarding a similar position through Paragons. Working with Gerri was an extremely professional, personal, enjoyable and above all a breath of fresh air from the other agencies I had dealt with. With this in mind I will always make Gerri  as my first port of call when changing jobs and call upon Gerri as my new career coach.” July 5, 2010


30 Jun in Paragons Team Flashbacks | Comments Off on Smiling after 5 years in business in 1990!

Smiling after 5 years in business in 1990!

Great photo of the Paragons Personnel team in 1990. The only thing that has changed is team (and the hairstyles!). What hasn’t changed is their loyalty and comittment to providing top quality staff to companies in the Romsey and surrounding area.

10 May in Paragons Team Flashbacks | Comments Off on Paragons Flashback – Romsey School

Paragons Flashback – Romsey School

In 1997, Director of Paragons Personnel Lyn Ebdon ran a workshop on interview Technique at the Romsey School.

This newspaper article appeared in the local paper.  What are Hayley Wharton, Tim Light and Colin May up to now we wonder?

07 May in Paragons Team Flashbacks | Comments Off on Paragons Flashbacks

Paragons Flashbacks

I have discovered a folder of old newspaper clippings, photographs and adverts from Paragons early days.  Watch this space for some flashbacks!

This was an article in a magazine called the Interviewer, which I thought was brilliant.  Giving people advice on what to wear and do when attending interviews.  Just a reminder that whilst fashion has changed (a lot), we still need to remain professional, neat and tidy no matter what environment we are working in.

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